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About us

About us

The Creation Story

Hogarth opened for business in 2008 in an attic room above a shop near London’s Carnaby Street. Our Internet connection came from a cable slung out of a window, and the floor sloped so much that all the chairs ran toward one corner. Eventually, we had fourteen people working in that room. This made it so full that we had to use the Brazilian coffee shop opposite us for our meetings. In memory of these roots, the founders of the company are still known as the “Attic Fourteen”.

Heart and soul

We love what we do. We bring energy and enthusiasm to all of our work. Our will to succeed is what makes us different. We push boundaries; we are never satisfied, and we always want to find a better way. We don’t believe in the status quo.

Culture matters

At Hogarth, we come from all sorts of different backgrounds. We are made up of over 50 nationalities from every continent in the world. That creates a unique environment. Our staff speak nearly 100 languages fluently and take pride in where they come from. We share and enjoy each other’s traditions and experiences. And at the same time we share a common set of values about how we behave, why we do what we do and how we work with each other and our clients. The Hogarth Culture: it’s what binds us together, and it’s what has enabled us to grow from a startup to 1,000 people in five years. So while we celebrate all of the individual cultures of the Hogarth of today, we never forget what brings us together every day: Our Hogarth Culture.

Happy family

We like each other and we enjoy working together. We look out for our colleagues. We are an eclectic bunch. That’s good. We want to work with interesting people from many cultures. We demand great things of each other, but even when things are tough we don’t lose perspective, and we never lose our sense of humor.


We are straightforward; we speak openly and clearly. We give direct messages. It’s not always easy, and it’s sometimes uncomfortable, but it’s the right thing to do. We operate with integrity and live up to our promises.

Hands on

We don’t wait around for things to happen, we get on with it. We are pragmatic and don’t have an ego. We work hard. No shortcuts, no compromises. We do what it takes to get the job done to the highest standards.

Our Family

Gramercy Park Studios is our high end creative facility, 164Post is our TV secondary production and adaptation business, Act2 is our in-house CGI and image creation facility and we are partnered with RM2, an industry leading previz company creating visuals and animatics for advertising, production and new media.

Our Partnerships

We work with a wide range of agencies, and have established joint ventures with the following agencies.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We’ve found that the larger we grow, the more resources become available for us to give back to the environment and community, in a number of practical and creative ways. All of our pro bono work is based on giving young people a chance. We think that many of us at Hogarth have benefited from being given opportunities in life, and we want to extend that opportunity to others— wherever they come from and whatever their talent.


We are one of the official partners of SportsAid – the UK-based charity helps young, aspiring athletes to achieve their goals by giving them the financial support and recognition they need when they are taking their first steps to becoming elite sports people. We provide advertising production, TV editing and post-production services on a pro bono basis for SportsAid. This partnership with SportsAid underlines both our desire to support causes that give opportunities and hope to young people, and also our wish to make sport, fitness and physical well-being an important part of our culture.


Just like our namesake William Hogarth, the painter, we are proud patrons of the Thomas Coram Foundation, one of the UK’s very first children’s charities. Founded in 1793 by Captain Thomas Coram to provide care for abandoned children in London, the Foundation continues to provide support for vulnerable children and young people across the UK.


Hogarth is proud to work with Canossaville, helping them reach their goal to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children ages 6–12 in Residential and Student Care. The children come from family situations that have put them at risk. Many are hearing impaired or dyslexic. We’ve been rolling up our sleeves to make a better home for these children by helping to renovate their dorms and activity rooms. We have also organized quarterly activities with the children, focusing on developing their confidence in public speaking, basic grooming and etiquette. In addition, we participate in a weekly literacy program that helps to mentor the children in English.

Ernest Bevin College

We have a close association with Ernest Bevin College, a comprehensive school for boys in Tooting, South London. Ernest Bevin College has a highly diverse intake, from many countries and cultures, with a very high percentage of pupils not being native English speakers. We are involved directly with the school’s operations in a number of ways. Many staff members go to the school every week to take part in the reading mentoring program for children who arrive at the school with very low reading ages, helping them to be able to fully engage with their lessons in all subjects; we run specific projects with departments such as languages and IT, where Hogarth’s capabilities are directly relevant to the curriculum; and our executive management supports the school’s governing board.