Helping Nomad showcase home living during COVID-19


Nomad wanted to be there for the nation at this difficult time, offering advice to families at mealtimes as they adjust to this new way of life. The challenge was doing this in a matter of days. In partnership with the creative agency McCann, we were briefed to produce a campaign, using real people and real footage of home life during the COVID-19 lockdown. The brief took place on Friday, pre-production started on Saturday, and the shoot took place on Sunday.

Creative Agency
MRM McCann
Production Company
Post Production
GPS@Hogarth (Colour, Editing)
Helping Nomad showcase home living during COVID-19

An Executive Content Producer from Hogarth was tasked with sourcing DOPs who were willing to be filmed in their kitchens and homes for the user generated-style footage. In just one afternoon, 16 DOPs and Directors were found. They were asked to adhere to government guidelines – not to leave the house or go out to buy any products. They rose to the challenge, giving us fun, family, babies, laughter, tantrums, grandparents and family time, whilst also providing a welcome distraction for their households. The creative idea also continued to evolve right up to the last minute and the quick thinking and agility of the team to develop a new approach was loved by the client.

Helping Nomad showcase home living during COVID-19

With an even tighter timeframe, Hogarth then set about creating all the deliverables for the new campaign to play out on air days later. The team worked remotely, providing services that would normally be carried out on-site, including casting 15 local voiceover artists with home studios for the in-market assets (to not breach any COVID-19 restrictions), remote editing and post-production. In just three days, the team at Hogarth managed to deliver:

  • 15 localised TVC masters for all of the markets with different branding
  • 15 six-second social edits
  • 60 social creative assets for launch
  • 15 website launch designs

AMAZING TEAM – WE DID IT! I couldn’t be prouder of you all. Your energy, commitment, passion, resilience and expertise has been simply unbelievable.

 Please pass on my deep gratitude to all your teams for making this happen, we have smashed every rule and every timeline to achieve a wonderful campaign that I believe can become a brand platform for years to come. With the digital and social content to flow now as well, we are truly helping our consumers and building our business for the long term.