Producing a socially distanced, full studio shoot for IKEA


With 2 out of 3 Dutch people having trouble sleeping, IKEA Netherlands and its creative agency Wavemaker decided to create a campaign around ‘sleep fitness’ and how we can all optimise our sleeping habits, as sleep is as important for our health as regular exercise.

The original plan was to create a teaser video to get IKEA’s social community involved, utilise a sleep expert to provide classes in conjunction with the fitness app OneFit and create follow-up videos to show how people were getting on.

But COVID-19 changed everything…

IKEA Netherlands
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Hogarth Netherlands
Producing a socially distanced, full studio shoot for IKEA

We regrouped (digitally) to see if there was a way to deliver the campaign while keeping everyone safe and within government guidelines. We came up with a plan that would involve shooting with a skeleton crew, going above and beyond to ensure additional safety measures were implemented and phasing out the regular approach to production. 

We adapted the script to only have a maximum of three people on-set at any one time (one person who acted as the camera operator, DOP and director, one person who looked after the sound and one on-air talent). 

To ensure adherence to social distancing, we found a shoot location that was not a public place, had separate hand-washing facilities for the on-set team, and allowed us to follow the Netherlands’ guidelines of keeping 1.5 metres apart at all times. In between takes, we also practised continuous disinfection of everything the cast and crew interacted with. The agency and client were present remotely to view the shoot and give their feedback in real time.

Once the two-day shoot was complete, we undertook all post-production remotely.

Producing a socially distanced, full studio shoot for IKEA

Our Amsterdam team was able to create a full studio production within the confines of social distancing guidelines. The campaign went live in the middle of April with mobile-first tutorials that we created for IGTV with the sleep coach using the hashtag #SleepHacks. We also helped to facilitate the remote production of videos created by influencers to further promote the campaign.