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Hogarth is known for its technology. This technology has three primary functions: the automation of processes that don’t need human input; the online approval of assets; and the global management and delivery of marketing assets. Our software development team is over 100-strong, and we develop all our own systems in-house. We don’t use technology for its own sake – we use technology to bring real benefits to our clients and make the whole production process as efficient and simple as possible.

Enterprise Asset Management

ZONZA is the first of a new generation of Enterprise Asset Platforms with the scale, functionality and security demanded by large companies. ZONZA enables a global marketing organisation to take control of all its marketing assets on its own platform: not just relatively small design, packaging, print and digital assets but also master broadcast files (including full resolution “footage” from the new generation of HD video cameras). ZONZA is a cloud-based system, accessible from any browser anywhere in the world, on any device – including tablets and smartphones.

ZONZA can do this because, unlike traditional asset management systems, it has no file size limitations; a global infrastructure; and can manipulate and distribute master broadcast assets as easily as print or digital files.

ZONZA creates a single global studio environment in which central version control ensures that the appropriate assets are being accessed. The easy availability of master assets facilitates asset reuse, while the equally easy access to elements that weren’t used in the original version facilitates adaptation.

With ZONZA, all stakeholders in the marketing production process are linked on a common platform. At the center, this means that management gains immediate visibility of the advertising being used in each and every market. For local market users, ZONZA makes it easier to see what’s being used elsewhere, to approve assets under development and to keep an archive of past advertising.

ZONZA - The first of a new generation of Enterprise Asset Platforms