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Hogarth is known for its technology. This technology has three primary functions: the automation of processes that don’t need human input; the online approval of assets; and the global management and delivery of marketing assets. Our software development team is over 100-strong, and we develop all our own systems in-house. We don’t use technology for its own sake – we use technology to bring real benefits to our clients and make the whole production process as efficient and simple as possible.

Online Approvals

Easy online approvals

Our system affords all stakeholders complete transparency across the production workflow, enabling them to monitor master assets in real time for quality and consistency. The comments and approvals recorded in the system provide crucial data for tracking and reporting the progress of each individual asset. The digital audit trail built up in this way ensures that accountability is maintained, regardless of whether approvals are carried out centrally or in-market. Data from the system drives our process improvement programs that ensure we constantly become more efficient.