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Hogarth is known for its technology. This technology has three primary functions: the automation of processes that don’t need human input; the online approval of assets; and the global management and delivery of marketing assets. Our software development team is over 100-strong, and we develop all our own systems in-house. We don’t use technology for its own sake – we use technology to bring real benefits to our clients and make the whole production process as efficient and simple as possible.

All-media Production Platform

Hogarth’s production technology enables efficient workflow management and online approval of production and transcreation projects across all media. We provide our clients with access to the platform, giving their marketing teams complete control and full visibility of all marketing communications throughout the production process. This technology has been designed to deliver transparency by providing real data in real time and to provide a chain of custody from creative conception, through all stages of regional and local campaign development, to final delivery in the local market.

Our Innovative Workflow