Working with Hogarth

We work with our clients to provide bespoke solutions.

We bring a strategic approach to production for our clients, to help them navigate the increasingly complex framework in which production now sits. Too many companies treat production as a series of isolated transactions or separable work streams, which may have worked when advertising was a 30-second TV commercial and some press, but not in a world where relevant, engaging and measurable content is needed across multiple channels and media. As clients face the challenge of mass customisation, signal-driven advertising and the democratisation of communication, a new approach is needed. And that’s where Hogarth comes in.

Business insight driven by data is critical. We apply a consultative approach to each client in order to really understand their existing business model, ways of working, partners and production challenges. We then focus on exploring their evolving needs and communication channels. Working closely with each client, our teams will then design a tailored production strategy and operating model that addresses their particular needs and objectives for today and the future.

Our teams and facilities are organised globally around an on-site/off-site/offshore model which allows clients to benefit from a bespoke mix of talent and services. We know that different clients have different needs and drivers in terms of their media, speed to market, attitude to cost, access to talent and requirement for cultural proximity that will vary and flex over time. We conceive and implement an engagement model that can deliver for each of our clients. While our scale is a huge strength, it is the way in which we work in a globally connected way that enables the Hogarth network to deliver agile solutions capable of addressing a constantly changing landscape. Working with Hogarth provides truly global access to people and capabilities, wherever in the world they may be.

Co-location/ Campus
  • Always-on content factories
  • Makers and thinkers working together
  • Creatively led production solutions
  • Culturally relevant and highly reactive
Centres of Excellence
  • Talent-led, high-end operations
  • High infrastructure and facility specifications
  • Specialist skills and capabilities
  • Client proximity and access to multicultural talent
Global Delivery Centres
  • Fewer, larger-scale production factories
  • Leveraging low-cost geographies
  • Always on – 24/5 or 24/7 coverage
  • Multi-discipline, integrated production

Managing change is one of the most important parts of the process and key to a successful long-term relationship. Our specialist implementation team will lead this and ensure a comprehensive communication and onboarding programme is established. They will help clients to navigate the transition, establishing new ways of working and giving access to the best talent, facilities and capabilities at the right time and in the right location.

We constantly strive to improve. We work as an integrated team with our clients and hold regular business reviews to measure and report on what we’ve done and how well we’ve done it. Collaboration is key. In our reviews, we ask for feedback to act on, we suggest new ways of doing things and we learn from our joint experiences so we can continue innovating and improving to ensure we produce the highest-quality work in the smartest way.

Looking to the future

We are passionate about leveraging technology to produce effective work efficiently. is our specialist innovation outpost, set up to research and integrate the latest technological developments in the world of production. From AI and automation to dynamic content production and real-time optimisation, new technologies are being introduced at a staggering pace. We provide the scale and investment capabilities to keep our clients at the forefront of what is possible.

We were born to drive change, and we have never lost that hunger.